Canton Water Reclamation Facility Improvements
Canton, OH


Improvements to an existing municipal wastewater treatment plant to implement the installation of the largest membrane bio-reactor system in the world.

Summary of Services:

  • Site survey work to document and evaluate existing conditions.
  • Project cost estimating.
  • Electrical system design and process & instrumentation design.
  • Construction administration and site observation reports.

System Design Highlights:

  • Electrical design to reconfigure the existing 15 kV campus distribution system to accommodate new power distribution systems for new and modified buildings.
  • Modifications of existing motor control centers throughout the facility for new/modified process equipment.
  • Design of new motor control centers to accommodate all new process equipment.
  • Design of a new upgraded SCADA system for the entire plant.
  • SCADA network design included a complete fiber optic network ring and all terminal boards.
  • SCADA system functional narratives were composed by our office after several meetings with the process engineer and plant operators.

Unique Project Challenges:

  • The existing tunnel network had multiple water leaks that had to be addressed where several conduits penetrated tunnel walls and introduced water.
  • Our electrical design required a thorough understanding of the wastewater treatment process to ensure all process and control equipment operates properly.
  • The project required the treatment facility to remain in operation throughout the duration of construction. Our electrical design included provisions for construction phasing to eliminate downtime.

Project Completion Date:

December 2016